What is Coldbrew Coffee? (part 2)


March 8, 2017

How and When Do You Drink Coldbrew Coffee?


Over the past two years we have had the privilege of serving thousands of people our award winning coldbrew coffee. Whether at street festivals, bars and cafes, or at convenience stores, gas stations, and your everyday supermarket, we’ve interacted with many, many people from all walks of life and have been asked all sorts of questions about coldbrew coffee.

The top two questions we get by far are, “when do you drink it?” and “how do you drink it?” Here are our common answers to these questions!

When do you drink coldbrew?

Of course, for the hardcore coldbrew fan the answer is anytime! However, there is no need to be intimidated by such enthusiasm. The best time to drink coldbrew is when you like to. Here are some more common times we hear about:

In the morning – Need a jolt to your system to start your day? Our coldbrew provides a needed kick to give you an energized morning.

Before a workout – many have found that coldbrew gives you a ton of energy before you workout. It increases your performance and stamina. Thought you could never do SoulCycle? Try Coexist coldbrew before you get on that bike!

After Lunch – Why go back to work and dip from your caloric intake? Down a coldbrew and you’ll perform better the second half of the day. Many have observed a “superman-flying” feeling after lunch.

As a brunch beverage – Because, why not!

On a long haul drive in the middle of the night when you are fading with no relief drivers. The Coexist team travels a lot and often by car cross-country. It’s usually expected that by the time we arrive, our coldbrew inventory has gone down a little J Our saving factor on these road trips has been, without doubt, coldbrew. It has the fuel to keep you going.


How do you drink coldbrew?

Again, our hardcore fans drink it as is and trust that our preparation and flavor infusions (coming in a future post) are, as we call them, “the art of proportions.” However, many others like to add a little of this and a little of that.

Drink it black – straight-up black coldbrew is the most authentic way to taste coldbrew coffee. This allows you to taste the natural sucrose and tasting notes of the beans used to produce this unbelievable drink. Oftentimes coffee is inter-cropped with other commodities giving each bean a distinct flavor profile. Many of these tasting notes are burned away due to over-roasting (not by us!) and boiling water. Coldbrew coffee production preserves many of these original notes.

Adding cream and sugar – no shame in adding a little of both to your coldbrew if you are not used to the dark and strong taste. Just give your sugar or sweetener a little extra time to mix since the drink is cold.

With a scoop of vanilla ice cream – perhaps our favorite method. We discovered this particular gem while serving our beloved customers at a street festival in Downtown DC one summer afternoon. It’s too good to describe, and you will just have to try it yourself!

Over coldbrew ice – Some of our fans will take an extra bottle of coldbrew and make ice-cubes out of them to place in their daily coldbrew. This allows them to sip the drink slower, and longer, without the effect of watering down.


Coexist Coldbrew, Stay Woke!