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Limited Hadi’s Roast


In honor of our little hero Hadi Abdur Rasheed who was diagnosed with aplastic anemia in September of 2017 and passed away in October of 2018. Aplastic anemia is a bone marrow failure disease in which your bone marrow does not make enough new blood cells to function normally.
Hadi was a vivacious and incredible little man who fought the disease with amazing courage and strength.
He hated the smell of coffee but would always be sure his mama had some to keep her going during the long days at NIH.

Tasting Notes: A creamy body with rich aromas of chocolate-covered berries, red licorice, brown sugar and toffee.

All Coexist Coffee is Direct Trade. We buy directly from the farmers. Coexist Coffee is a single source, fully-washed, strictly high grown Arabica from eastern Uganda from farmers who, after years of conflict, came together to grow coffee.

Our coffee is organic, shade-grown in volcanic soil, and dried naturally in the sun on raised beds.

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